#1 Group project with Photo Shoot and Editing

The dual course of study at the DHBW Mannheim is characterized by many practical projects and group work. In the “Film and Photography” course, we learned not only about the technical equipment but also how to organize a photo shoot. From planning the motif, finding locations, procuring material to the final editing of the photo, we worked well structured and focused on the goal as a team. Everyone played an important role in this.

In addition to being responsible for the technical equipment, I also took on the editing of the image with Photoshop. A challenge for me was aligning two images from the shoot: one showing the model floating and the next showing the mattress. This was achieved through a lot of retouching work, including the removal of the chair and the retouching of the tattoo on the upper arm.

Finally, a light effect from above was applied to add some expression to the image. The young girl has furnished the desolate basement with paintings and her cuddly toy, but is now freed from her suffering and floats towards the hope-inspiring shimmering light.

Left ImageRight Image

#2 Photo Montage
“Fantasy Head”

This is one of my first Photoshop Projects during my school training to become a media assistant. Given Task was to create a “Fantasy Head” using as much different Photoshop filters as possible. 

I felt the image needed a story, so I found this strong and very intense looking model and decided to use it as basis. I imagined a woman harvesting, maybe somewhere far away in the fields. How she works hard every day, provides for her family and, thanks to her gifted skills, conjures up a wonderful meal every day from the fewest ingredients. For me, this woman is a symbol of strength, security and kindness. 

Left ImageRight Image
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